Process Development Expertise

Processes are the heart of any successful enterprise. A company’s competitive advantage can be found in any number processes �anywhere from manufacturing, R & D or engineering through to sales and marketing. It is our view that a company can refine and improve their processes, yet still not give up their uniqueness, because it is that very uniqueness that adds true value. We are dedicated to helping companies improve their processes through analysis and rapid implementation - often by creating unique software solutions that match an organization’s needs, rather than forcing them to match some canned software’s inflexible framework.

Arcnous has extensive experience in process engineering and development, including a staff member with a certified 6 Sigma Process Excellence Black Belt. Our experience covers manufacturing of durable electronic medical devices as well as manufacturing of high volume disposables. We have expert knowledge in the formulation of reagents, coating and drying, converting, and physical and functional testing. Our team has a high level of expertise in Process and Component Specification development, DHR development, Risk Management, Design of Experiments, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Tolerance Analysis, Capability Studies and Process Validation. Our goal is to deploy process development and improvement tools to ensure your processes operate reliably and produce consistently high quality output.

Our experience analyzing and implementing software solutions has exposed us to processes across the entire organizational landscape, including inventory management, production, finance, sales, and fulfillment. We have decades of experience analyzing and solving process problems. This experience is the foundation of our core competency and allows us to fulfill nearly any process implementation need.

Process Development Engagements

Local Advertising Sales Tracking Project: Developed the process by which an internet company sells, tracks, and delivers local advertising to it's customers.

New Corporation Startup and Tracking Project: Refined and documented the process by which a law firm that specializes in guiding startup companies collects and shares information during the startup process.

Stent Drug Deposition Process Characterization Project:  Assessed and documented the effects of key process variables on critical product and process outputs.  The result was to define the capable process operating space and specifications for drug solution deposition onto a drug eluting coronary stent.  Evaluated the statistical significance of observed effects using normal and nonparametric hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and DOE methods.

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