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Pathway is a 'codeless web application development, maintenance, test, and release environment'. The Pathway system creates applications that represent a process. Processes have steps and so do Pathway applications. Pathway does for custom software what spreadsheet software did for accounts and business people. It puts the power of custom web software developmentin the hands of those who know what they want to get accomplished.

Approachable: Pathway has been designed to be approachable to those with no background in SQL databases or software development. Entire applications can be constructed without writing a single line of code. There is no syntax. The entire creative process is broken down into simple steps with a comprehensible pattern that is repeated over and over.

Modular: Pathway processes are broken down into steps which represent a screen to be presented to users. Each step has at least one sub-step that we refer to as an 'operation'. Operations are presented to the user one at a time giving the step a 'wizard' feel.

Changable: One of the foundation concepts that has guided the development of Pathway is that processes change. The entire Pathway environment is based on elements that are built in different modes. There are three modes, Test, Engineering, and Production. Making changes with Pathway is as simple as creating a new revision of your applicaiton element, making and testing the necessary changes, and then releasing the new revision now or at some specific time in the future. Once the new version is released, it becomes available for users.

Reasonably Priced: Pathway was designed with smaller organizations in mind. Most small organizations do not have the budget to commission custom software to be constructed for their purposes. They try to get by using spreadsheets, word processors, and other software that do not match their need. The true value of a business is in their processes. Rationalizing, refining, and controlling those processes is key to success. Pathway's innovative licensing takes a value approach.

Flexible: Your version of Pathway can be deployed within your firewall or as a service residing on servers managed by Arcnous. You have the choice. You can use the flexibility of the built-in color scheme and options or create your own style to match your corporate web site.

Contact us with your business need and we will show you how you can benefit from using Pathway.



Pathway Introductory Video: This short (14 minute) demo shows how an actual small application is created and run from beginning to end. It does not go into detailed explanation and is not meant to be an instructional device but simply a peek into the scope and power of Pathway. It does show all of the steps from initial application creation to a fully functional application that saves data to the database and allows the user to access and view that data.

Data Sheet

Check out the PDF data sheet which lists more information about Pathway, benefits, technology etc.

Instructional Video Series

We are currently creating an instructional video series that shows the power of Pathway as well as covering most of the concepts from building the simple introduction demo application through creating complex business logic, custom layout, and custom styling. The first of these videos is available now.

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